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Federal Criminal Record Check

Provides information on Federal crimes only. Note that these are different from state/county offenses.

Statewide Criminal Record Check

Information on statewide felony & misdemeanor level crimes (some states provide only felony level criminal reports).

County Criminal Record Check

Information on felony & misdemeanor level crimes for those states where the statewide search is not available.

Sexual Abuse Registry Check

A statewide check to identify applicant who are registered sex offenders.

Federal Bankruptcy Check

Determines if the applicant has filed for bankruptcy.

Motor Vehicle Record Check

Provides state motor vehicle records.

Workers’ Compensation Record Check

Information on Workers’ Compensation history for those states where this information is available.

National Criminal History Search

Search a nationwide criminal records database from the following sources: State & Local Agencies, Sex Offender Database, AppALERT, FBI Terrorist/Fugitive Lists, INTERPOL & more.

Social Security Number Verification

Verifies issuance of a Social Security Number.

Prior Employment History Check

Verifies dates of previous employment, job position, eligibility for rehire, etc.

Employment Reference Check

Provides reference information on job duties, productivity, relations with others, communication skills, job performance, technical skills, etc.

Education Verification

Verifies receipt of the degree or diploma claimed by the applicant. If currently enrolled, this search will verify the applicant’s degree status.

Professional License Verification

Verify receipt of professional licenses claimed by the applicant.

Previous Address Check

Information on where the applicant has lived and may also provide additional names omitted on the application.