Just ask! We know investigation is essential to your success.

How do I get started?
All you need is a PC with a web browser and Internet connection. Just provide us your company name, the names of authorized requestors, contact and billing information and send it to us, by email, fax transmittal or by phone. We will contact you to give you your login information, and you will be ready to go.
How do I submit requests?
Once you have login and password information, just fill in a request form providing us the required information on the Applicant, as well as your company and requester names, and send it to us, either by email or by fax transmittal. That is all.
How will I get my reports?
We will send reports to you either by email or fax transmittal, at your preference.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, based on anticipated volume of requests or specific search packages. Please call us to discuss your needs.
Is customer support available?
Yes, you may call us at (865) 694-3143 or email us at info@cerchen.com.
Do I need to provide a release signed by the applicant?
You need to have a signed release in your files, but you do not need to provide us a copy in order to submit a search request. We will contact you if we need a copy of the release/authorization.
Are there charges, fees, or minimum orders required?
You are billed only for the actual searches provided. We do not charge any application or start-up fees, or maintenance fees, and there are no minimum orders required.
How will I be billed?
We bill monthly for searches provided during the month invoiced and our invoice includes a list of the applicants searched.
What is the turn-around time for your reports?
We know that the information you request is important and that you are working on a schedule. We pride ourselves in providing reports in a timely manner, many within 24 hours of receipt of the search request.
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